Company History


Wales in a bottle was founded in 2004 by business man John Gronow a born and bred Welshman. The idea was to provide a real product to customers not only in Wales but worldwide. The company was originally set up with the help of Prime Cymru, the Wales based organisation that advises small business ventures in Wales. John's client advisor Ken Pryce said of the plan, "This is probably one of the most controversial cases I have experienced, but John is genuine and I believe that there is demand out there and he will be supplying a much needed 'taste' of Wales."


The Process


The air is captured using an old mining method to detect gas underground. This involves the bottle being filled with water and taken to the location requested. When the bottle is emptied at the site the local air enters and is then sealed with the aluminium screwed top. A photograph is taken to authenticate the collection and made available via email. A stock of Brecon Beacon and Snowdon air is bottled during visits to these National Parks. Special requests for other personal items to be bottled are treated with the same authenticity.




Wales in a bottle has been featured on television, radio and magazines in many countries around the world including Spain, Japan and Australia. Even Russian television has made a short film about our bottle. Wales in a bottle has been requested by celebrities of television, film and the music industry. Its even been presented at company award ceremonies. Our most unusual request so far has been a Clarke's Pie in a bottle which now sits proudly at a home in Canada.




One of out many satisfied customers has been Rachel from Guernsey who requested Rhossili Sand for her Welsh Husband's birthday present. He was delighted with the reminder of his home and thought it was a wonderful idea.